Why Us

There’s a great deal of truth to the bittersweet observation that “overnight success” often is years in the making. This certainly is true in the case of Mike Paolucci, the founder of Alfonzo’s whose delicious Neopolitan-style pizza and other Italian specialties are making waves in the heart of Mid-America’s Farm Belt.

Mike, a third-generation Italian-American, has “put in his time” in the foodservice industry. As a youngster, he washed dishes; in the Air Force, he received invaluable food service training and helped establish an award-winning kitchen. Then came graduation from the Culinary Institute of America, experience with a three-star restaurant, and tenure with Marriot Hotel Corporation, where he served as sous chef.

When he opened his own restaurant, he applied the same painstaking dedication to developing flawless recipes, perfecting the ultimate product, and building a family restaurant with the reputation for serving quality food, in satisfying portions, at affordable prices.

Yes, Mike Paolucci’s “overnight success” is the result of years of hard work. But, unquestionably, that’s the best kind of success; lasting and built on a solid foundation.