Our banquet rooms are unavailable at this time, please call for updates on availability.

Banquet Rooms

How To Book

1) Take a look at the information on this page and decide what options might work best for your event.

2) Decide how many people you are expecting and which room you might be interested in.

3) Take a look at our party specials and menu to decide which route you might want to take while ordering.

4) Give us a call (618) 667-9901 and one of our managers will be happy to guide you through the process and get your event booked

Party Room

Seating Capacity: 40 People
Amenities: Fireplace, Heat Lamp, Serving Tables

room rentals subject to staffing

Pre-order required for groups of 15 and more.

Gratuity Not Included

Party Packages

Your Alfonzo’s Party Planner

Call to pre-order these packages at least an hour ahead, unless otherwise noted.

#1 Half Pizza & Wings: $33.00

One-topping Half Jumbo Pizza
1 pound of chicken wings or 10 boneless

#2 Whole Pizza & Wings: $55.00

One-topping Whole Jumbo Pizza
2 pounds of chicken wings or 20 boneless

#3 Party Pizza & Wings: $101.00

32 Piece One-topping Party Pizza
5 pounds of chicken wings or 40 boneless
Serves 10-12
24 Hour Notice Requested

#4 The Party Package: $160.00

32 Piece One-topping Party Pizza
5 pounds of chicken wings or 40 boneless
Party Salad & Party Fonzo Bits with Sauce
Serves 12-15
24 Hour Notice Requested

#5 Party Salad

Antipasto: $36.00 | Caesar: $35.00 |
Greek: $35.00 | Simple Italian: $31.00 (serves 8-10)

#6 Tortellini: $65.00

Meat or Cheese Filled | Red or White Sauce
Serves 12 • 24 Hour Notice Requested

#7 Party Sub Platter: $53.00

Fonzo | Ham | Turkey | Salami
Serves 12 -15
24 Hour Notice Requested

Appetizer Party Trays Available

Fonzo Bits: $23.00 • Toasted Ravioli: $29.00
Fonzo Zerts: $23.00 • Mozzarella Sticks: $39.00
Garlic Butter Bits: $26.00 • Fried Green Beans: $28.00
Cheese Bits: $26.00 • Zucchini: $37.00
Box of Chicken Wings: $57.99
Spaghetti (serves 8): $45.00 | Fettuccini (serves 8): $49.00

Sheet Party Pizza

Sheet pie 18″x24″ (32 pieces) Feeds 8-10
(This pizza is thicker than Jumbo pizza)
Cheese – $38.99 / Toppings – +$5.99 / Specialty Toppings – +$8.99 / Avalanche Sheet – $53.99



MON-THURS: No Deposit
FRI until 4 pm: No Deposit
FRI after 4 pm: $100
SAT before 4 pm: $50
SAT after 4 pm: $100
SUN: $50

All party room deposits are returned to you on a gift certificate on the day of your party.

You can use it on your final bill and keep any remaining difference on the certificate for future use.


Want to make your party feel a little more personal? Bring your own decorations!
We allow: Balloons | Table Cloths | Streamers | Paper Plates

Feel free to ask our managers about additional decorations!


You can bring dessert!
We have freezers in the back that we’d be happy to store them until you’re ready.

Our History

We’ve been hosting parties since we first opened in 1982, including:

Birthday Parties | Church Groups | Organization Gatherings | Sports Teams | Holiday Parties | Rehearsal Dinners

We’d be happy to host yours next!